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Gollo Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner

Gollo Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner

Gollo Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner

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Our rose gold tongue cleaner gives precise control to cleanly scrape off the toxic white residue on your tongue without gagging. The tongue is one of your body's primary detoxification paths and keeping it clean is just as important as brushing your teeth. Easy to use, and recommended to be used twice a week to ensure fresh breath and overall better oral hygiene.

What the dentists say

"We sell Gollo brushes in our practice. Not only is the design outstanding, but the performance is better than most I've sampled."

Sarah, UK

"My patients love that "fresh from the dentist" feeling after brushing with a Gollo. I love knowing that they are developing healthy dental habits."

Caroline, UK

“Gollo provides a smooth and thorough brushing experience, which is difficult to duplicate with a manual brush.”

Harry, UK
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